”Derwin, I enjoyed ”The Operator“. After reading your background on your web site, I appreciate how you drew upon your military, law enforcement, and martial arts experience in writing it. You are living an adventurous life of service and you are gifted to author a well-written, realistic tale that makes for entertaining and engrossing reading. I look forward to the sequel.“

Chris Gigicos
Lt. Colonel US Army, (Ret.)
West Point Graduate

”I had ”The Operator“ with me when I went to visit my dad in the hospital. He took the book from me and started reading it. He refused to give it back until he finished it. He told me that it was the best book he’d ever read!“

Christine Gigicos
Police Sergeant

”Wow! Man I loved this story so much that I had to read it again! I encouraged all of the guys on my team to read it too!“

Mordici Williams
Tactical Team Leader

”This is an awesome f------- story! Dexter Diamond is the man! I made all of my friends sit down and read this book!“

Paul Bracker
Grocery Store Manager

”The Operator was exhilarating and suspenseful as it kept you on the edge with every turn of the page. The character ”Dexter Diamond“ is action-packed along with his special team as they constantly fly from assignment to assignment. The references to Orlando, FL and its streets drew me into the story and kept my interest. Bravo, I look forward to Dexter Diamond’s next adventures.“

Yvette Heflin

”The Operator was a great read. The characters are believable, like I knew them. It was a page-turner; I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.“

Kurt Ludwig

”I almost didn’t study for my finals I was so into the story. I couldn’t stop reading because I had to know what Dexter Diamond was going to do next!“

Willis Weaver


”I just finished ”Black and Blue“ and was very impressed with it. My wife heard you on the radio talk show and bought the book for me. I know this is a national epidemic, but the violence here is off the scale and is directly related to the topics you highlight in your book. I have recommended it to several colleagues and will continue to do so. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.“

Ed Ferreira
Orange County Sheriff Deputy

”I just finished ”Black and Blue“. It was very entertaining and on point. Thanks for telling it like it is and should be.“

Lt. Bill Woods
Orlando Police Department

”Nice handbook. Wish the city would hand your book out to the appropriate audiences.“

Kim King
Police Officer

”I just read ”Black and Blue“. I loved it so much that I’m ordering copies for everyone in my neighborhood!“

Block Captain
Neighborhood Watch

Black News Web

Orlando, FL (BlackNews.com) - Witness the evolution of African-American global power in Derwin J. Bradley's groundbreaking new novel, The Operator: Fear No Evil. In this whirlwind political/espionage/action thriller, there is a new Civil Rights Movement in America, and its about time!

In 1993, images of white U.S. soldiers dead bodies being dragged through the dusty streets of Mogadishu shocked America. Then, in 1994, the O.J. verdict further stunned white America and set off a firestorm of overt and hidden race-related retaliations. The number of violent hates groups rapidly doubled and hate crimes skyrocketed. Anti-Black discrimination rose dramatically (with Black males as the primary target), as did nationwide attacks on Affirmative-Action programs.

Indeed, the old Civil Rights struggle, which formally ended with the signing of 1964 legislation, had been a long, painful, but ultimately successful venture. However, new threats and challenges continue to emerge, therefore new tactics and strategies are now needed.

In The Operator: Fear No Evil, the director of The Urban Justice Research Institute, Harold Ashford, has the daunting task of formulating and executing those new tactics and strategies. Ashford enlists Civil Rights icon Reverend James Johnson Sr. to lobby powerful politicians to make permanent the right of African-Americans to vote with federal protection, and to combat the opponents of Affirmative Action. Ashford also asks California Congresswoman Sheila E. Winters to secretly draft a bill that would classify all pro-violence hate groups in America as terrorist organizations and outlaw them.

Dr. Jonathan Richard Burns, leader of the ultra-violent white supremacy group, The New American Frontier learns of Reverend Johnson's efforts and retaliates by kidnapping him and murdering his police Bodyguards in the process.

Ashford quickly recruits counter-terrorists specialist Dexter Diamond to lead the Institute's team of former Special Forces Operators and government agents on a covert mission to locate and rescue Reverend Johnson while the FBI attempt to negotiate with the terrorists. After Reverend Johnson is rescued, Ashford convinces Dexter to stay and lead the team as they attempt to protect Congresswoman Winters after a rival Senator leaks news of her new bill to Dr. Burns and his hate-terrorists. Using hardball politics, advanced technology, unconventional tactics, and a secret state-of-the-art operations center, Dexter the team, and Congresswoman Winters engage in deadly war against the New American Frontier and its powerful political allies. The future of African-American power is here! This is not your typical novel, and most certainly, this is not your father's civil rights movement!

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